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These articles show some of the varied and colourful DBA Armies put together by members of Nunawading Wargames Association Inc. (NWA).

Aztec Army

061124thebigman2The Aztecs of the Americas are an exotic army. With Jaguar masks and colourful plumes, they make an interesting addition to any DBA table. Tom Brakeshows off his Aztec force for DBA.

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Burgundian Ordonnance Army

061103blades2King John “The Good” of France was captured at the battle of Poitiers by the hated English in 1356 but not before his young son Philip who at just 14 at the time fought bravely at his side to defend his father. As a reward John gave his son the title Duke of Burgundy.

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061124graeco04sTom liked the variety offered by the Graaeco-Bactrian army. In particular it was the first army that he hadpainted which included an elephant. Originally prepared as part of an older DBM army, the figures are predominantly Museum Miniatures.

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Granadine Army

061124granada10rb2The Granadine army from the province of Granada in Spain provides a colourful Arab type army with some Western mercenaries to help out. They fought in the middle medieval period in the south of Spain.

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Komnenan Byzantine Army

061805komnenan02sAnother year, another DBA army. This time it is the Komnenan Byzantines 1071AD to 1204AD (Book IV, Army 1).

This army was put together by Richard Gorringein preparation for the Crusades campaign being run within the club by the DBA players.

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Parthian Army

061124parthianlh01sWith a combination of tent, spit roast, pack camels and supplies being guarded by spearmen, how could Tom Brake resist putting together a Parthian army.

What is not to like about averycolourful army that consists of a mobile force with some powerful and heavily armoured knights.

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Roman Army - Early Imperial

061124thebackbone2There are many Roman armies, covering a long timespan of history. Blades are the core of most Roman armies and are very tough against almost all opponents.

The Early Imperial army is the typical Roman army that people think of, with the big patterned shields.

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Syrian Army

061103syriannobles01sThe Syrian army list in DBA covers some of the most interesting times in the history of the Middle East: eight Crusades and the rise of Saladin.

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