DBA - Battle Reports

DBA - Battle Reports

Don Ricardo Defends Valencia

death2A DBA battle report. Don Ricardo of Spain goes to battle in defense of Valencia against the invading army of Al Breakta.

With the last of his men landed from the galleys Al Breakta ordered his troops to move off the beach and head northwards towards Valencia. The journey from North Africa had been a long and arduous one but Al Breakta's men were in high spirits; a Jihad against the infidels and the saving of Muslim Grenada was their goal.

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Don Ricardo in the New World

060127aface2DBA battle report for Don Ricardo of Spain versus the Aztecs in the New World.

“The New world they call this place. New boredom, new fever, new heat, new misery, how I long for the old world”. Don Ricardo El Bradleyo 1497.

Read the article to find out about the campaign of Don Ricardo in the New World which culminated in the battle of El Taco in 1497.

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