Warhammer Fantasy at Croydon 7-Mar-09

090307whf02aWarhammer Fantasy Battles has a continuing following at the Croydon venue on most Saturdays. Craig is just one of several players who often brings one of his many armies to do battle against others. Most armies are represented, including Elves, Dwarves, Empire and even Vampire Counts.

See some photos that were taken of a game in progress between Empire and High Elves.

Click on any photo below to see a larger version of the photo.

Empire versus High Elves

Forces of Empire have mighty cannon to try and counteract the deadly shooting of the well trained High Elf archers. Resplendant in their shining armour, both sides look ready for battle.

Empire Ready to Fight

As the goldens wings of the chariot look on, the great variety of Empire formations can be seen. A solid pike block is supported by swordsmen with solid shields. In front can be seen a skirmish line of archers. Their task is to delay and soften up the enemy before they come into contact with the heavy foot - the pike and swordsmen.

But however ready they look, it will always take hard work to defeat the well trained High Elves in their tough armour.