War of the Ring at Mitcham 29-Jan-10

Watchers of KarnaThe first meeting at Mitcham for the year was a roaring success. A great turnout with lots of different games being played. The venue renovations are complete, including a newly painted floor. And one of the best looking tables was a War of the Ring battle between Jeremy and Travis, continuing from where they left off at Cancon.

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War of the Ring

Fresh from their success at Cancon, Jeremy and Travis were still keen to play War of the Ring. This was a 1,500 point battle. Despite the early demise of his Ringwraith, Jeremy fought back. Travis was pressed hard, but managed to win a very close game.

Jeremy had a Haradrim army including a Mumakil and (for a short time) a Ringwraith. Travis had an Elf army with support from a valiant Eagle.

Jeremy had converted a set of Lord of the Rings figures for his Watchers of Karna unit. With his use of "green stuff" every figure is a different pose. The models used even include a Rohan bowman and several Rangers as well as a variety of evil models of different races. See if you can work out some of the original models that were used in this collection. This attention to detail and his fabulous painting helped him win best army in War of the Ring at Cancon.