War of the Ring at Mitcham 24-Apr-09

090424wotr17aWar of the Ring battle report. Evil versus evil with Jeremy's Goblin force again in action, but this time against a force of Uruk-hai from Isengard.

Played on Friday night on 24th April at the Mitcham venue of the Nunawading Wargames Association. See whether Saruman or Sauron prevailed. 

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War of the Ring

Jeremy again used his Goblin force (see them battling men from Gondor in the previous week by clicking here). John used a force of Uruk-hai. The armies were 1,000 points.

Turn 1

Scenario: .

Turn 3


Turn 4


Turn 5



Turn 6


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Turn 8



The Gondorian force never recovered from their initial setback. Once the knights were surrounded and destroyed the Gondorians would have been better to fall back and regroup so that the rest of the army could fight together, with support of the Avenger Bolt Thrower. Weapons like the Bolt Thrower are a two-edged sword; they can be quite powerful, but they limit movement and reduce your flexibility.

This battle was 1,000 points and was larger than previous test games with War of the Ring. This game showed that large units are needed so that formations are not too fragile and also so that Epic actions do not have a devastating effect on a formation. Caling a Heroic Duel is a valuable way to scare away Heroes with magic that do not have a high fight value. It can also be a valuable way of forcing the opponent to use up Might points to reduce the size of the defeat in a Duel.