LOTR Minimize Tournament at Croydon 6-Mar-10

100220dwarf03Hear yea! Hear yea! The horn of Boromir is sounding to invite you to Minimize 2010. This is an introductory Lord of the Rings tournament, suitable for new or experienced players who want to have fun. With only 250 points, the games are fast and fun.

1st place is a magnificent 250 point Dwarven army painted by Jeremy Shannon.

The tournament is on Saturday 6th March 2010 (the Saturday before Labour Day).


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Minimize Tournament InformationClick to download the Minimize pdf file (only 29KB).

This file is list the army restrictions (not many) and the details of the tounament. It starts at 11am, but only Click on the link to download the pdf file with all the details about the tournament.

Please remember players will need to arrive before 11:00am to register for the tournament so please leave some time to allow for this.

1st place is a magnificent fully playable 250 point Dwarven army superbly painted by master painter Jeremy Shannon. The Dwarf in the photos (top left of page and bottom right of page) show how great this prize is.

Minimize is designed to be a beginners tournament, but still provide a lightly competitive atmosphere that allows the more experienced players to have fun.

Tom Bombadil and Goldberry cannot come as they are busy in the Old Forest that weekend, but everyone else will be there.