Lord of the Rings at Croydon 21-Mar-09

090321croydon04aThe Battle of Bywater was just one of the many Lord of the Rings games happening at Croydon on this Saturday. Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin had to do battle against Sharkey (aka Saruman the wizard), Wormtongue and a band of Ruffians.

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Battle of Bywater

For a detailed battle report of this tense game, click on Battle of Bywater.

In the Rolling Hills

Something evil lurks in the ruins amonsgt the rolling green hills. Brian brought along his great scenery modules and fought several games amongst the ruins.

Gandalf bravely fought in the shadow of the stone walls but did not survive being surrounded for long. Heroes may be tough, but they still need support. Even mighty heroes such as Aragorn or Gandalf cannot survive forever on their own.

Not Enough Pipeweed for Everyone

After fighting the Battle of Bywater, the Hobbits and Ruffians were at it again. This time the Hobbits were defending sacks of pipeweed and barrels of ale against the marauding bandits.

Part 4

A selection of other scenery and figures used in some other games. David and Danny brought their Gondor terrain, made from HirstArts moulds borrowed from the club library. They have built a nice diagonal river for their magnificant bridge to span.

A mighty Troll adds some resilience to the evil side. Meanwhile, a Ruffian idles away some spare hours with a stash of pipeweed and a nice stone ruin to hide in.