Lord of the Rings at Croydon 24-Sep-05

050924croydon13aBoromir formed one partof a Cheezecon trophy put together by Jeremy Shannon. This was displayed to generate some interest in the upcoming wacky tournament.

Also played were games of the Fellowship fighting their way through Moria at this NWA club meeting on a Saturday afternoon at Croydon.

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Winding Pathways

The Fellowship have escaped from the tentacled monster guarding the Hollin gate; eastern entrance into Moria. The doors have been slammed shut on them, so they have no choice but to continue on. In this scenario, they wind their way upwards through passages, stairways and across bridges. Gandalf leads the way, trying to remember the pathways from long ago when he visited Moria.

Small groups of Goblins randonly appear; some behind and some ahead of the party. The Felowship are much more powerful, but they have to be careful that they do not get bogged down for too long. Otherwise the Goblins will have time for reinforcements to appear and eventually overwhelm the Fellowship.

Fighting Through Moria

The Fellowship fought their way from the Tomb of Balin, a standard scenario in the book which is well balanced. When using it as part of a linked scenario, the number of Goblins is reduced. Otherwise it would make it too difficult for the Fellowship to be able to fight their way from one end of Moria to the other.

After escaping from Balin's Tomb, the Fellowship had to negotiate their way down theTreacherous Stairs. This is a fun scenario, with a chance that some of the Fellowship may fall to their death when trying to negotiate the gaps in the staircase. A new scenario was made up on the spot, with the Fellowship being chased by Goblins in the lower reaches of the staircase.

Shelob and the Wargs Hunt the Trophy

Shelob and the Wargs make a very mobile force. They can run rings around the slow moving Dwarves but in the end they still have to come to grips with their heavily armoured opponents, which is a tough job for them.

Also shown is the trophy for the Most Coveted Army. This is just one of the trophies kindly put together by Jeremy Shannon. They are for Cheezecon, which is a wacky tournament that runs throughout October.The concept was put together by Craig Wyton and is a send up of standard tournaments. They are funand a great introduction for newcomers to a particular genre or rules set. The trophy was on display to tempt people as one of the great prizes available at th e"Lord of the Cheeze Rings" part of Cheezecon.

The Bridge of Khazad-dum

The Fellowship have escaped across the bridge, heading for the eastern exit from Moria. The flaming Balrog has caught up with them, so Gandalf has stopped to act as rearguard. Here the two powerful creatures face off whilst standing on the narrow bridge above the almost bottomless chasm.