Lord of the Rings at Croydon 21-May-05

050521croydon03aFarmer Maggot and his dogs were the main attraction, but club members were also treated to some of the well painted figures of Jeremy Shannon.

Tom Bombadil and Goldberry put in a colourful and rare appearance outside of the Old Forest. These photos show what some of the Lord of the Rings players were up to at this club meeting on a Saturday afternoon at Croydon.


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Farmer Maggot

A quick scenario with several Ruffians attacking the property of Farmer Maggot. He has the help of his dogs and a stone wall to help against the Ruffians and their whips. Farmer Maggot only turns up later in the scenario after certain conditions are met, so the dogs are his first line of defense.

This is a great introductory scenario which gives players the flavour of how to play Lord of the Rings. Because it is so quick, players can try out different tactics to see what works well and what doesn't

Tom Bombadil and Friends

A selection of figures painted by master painter Jeremy Shannon.

Tom Bombadil and Goldberry are in the first book of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It is a strange section of the book, with Tom as a larger than life character and singing some rather odd songs. Readers of the book tend to love him or hate him as a character.

Tom and Goldberry are as old as the forest itself and possibly the embodiment of its spirit. In the game Tom cannot be attacked. He is too powerful a character and so only appears in scenarios which are set in the Old Forest. They add to the flavour of the game.

Dwarves and Goblins are common foes. Many scenarios are set in the Mines of Moria, during the takeover by the Goblins.

Also seen are some Wargs who have decided to order in some home delivered Hobbit pizza.


Nicely painted by Jeremy Shannon, these Elves have spectacular and handy shields as part of their armoured protection. The Elves are individually tough and have a high fight value. Of course, this makes them expensive, so the Elven player has to be careful not to get surrounded.

Elves make good archers, but sometimes players rely too heavily on this. Do not forget they they are tough fighters and heavily armoured, so do not be afraid to throw them into combat where appropriate.