Lord of the Rings at Mitcham 17-Oct-03

031017mitcham07aThe Balin's Tomb scenario from the Fellowship of the Ring rule book was played at this club meeting on a Friday night at Mitcham.

The Fellowship have to make their way through the tomb. They need to escape from hordes of Goblins and a Cave Troll.

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Balin's Tomb

It is important for the Fellowship not to get separated and surrounded. Protecting the Hobbits, particularly Frodo, is vital at all times. Although it is possible to sacrifice Merry and Pippin to win the scenario, it always has a closer feel to the book and the movies if you can keep them alive.

One thing that can help is using Aragorn's free Might point to call a Heroic move to put more distance between the Fellowship and their foes.

So that the Fellowship do not have it all their own way, there are piles of stones to represent rough, rock strewn terrain. The Goblin's can cross this easily, whereas it slows down and channels the Fellowship. Changes to the size and shape of the rough areas are easily made if they are needed to better balance the scenarios for particular players' style of play.