Lord of the Rings at Croydon 10-Nov-07

071110croydon11aThe blowpipes of the men of Druadan are a handy weapon. More games of the Lord of the Rings can be seen at this club meeting on a Saturday afternoon at Croydon.

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Deep in the Forest

The men of Druadan live deep in the forest. They appear in the Lord of the Rings books by J R R Tolkien, but did not rate an appearance in the movies. These figures have been well painted by Jeremy Shannon.

Defense of the Village

Rohan versus Uruk-hai. The Uruk-hai are starting to raid villages close to Isengard in preparation for the coming war. These raids are just trials to test the mettle of the fighting Uruk-hai and to test the resolve of the men of the Westfold.

Rohan Outriders

The Rohan outriders have a handy Might point which can be useful in calling that vital Heroic Move, allowing the riders to charge in against their foes.