Lord of the Rings at Croydon 10-Feb-07

04119mitcham08aQuite a few players enjoyed games of the Lord of the Rings at this club meeting on a Saturday afternoon at Croydon.

Jeremy showed off his nicely painted spiders whilst the Hobbits had to contend with a pack of Wild Wargs.

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Wild Wargs

Gandalf helped Legolas defend the four Hobbits from the ravaging Wargs. As the Wargs do not cost many points they are a cheap flanking force for the evil player. They can capture objectives or hunt down archers that might want to hang around the baseline. They are also useful for surrounding opponents.

Spiders, Spiders Everywhere

The Spider Queen is a valuable addition to any evil force. Not just a tough opponent on her own, the Queen can also create several broodlings which are good at distracting opponents. Giant Spiders move rapidly and can climb vertical walls. This is handy when archers are lurking at the top of cliffs or on the top of towers.

Morgul Stalkers

Painted by Jeremy Shannon, these Morgul Stalkers have only been released recently by Games Workshop.