Role Playing Games - General

Role playing games allow players to take the role of characters. Under the guidance of a games master, the players must use their imagination to develop their characters and undergo adventures.

The games are often in a medieval fantasy setting. Fighters, clerics, wizards and thieves are some of the common characters. But any setting (real or imaginary) or period can be played.

Role Playing Games - How Games Are Played

How Games Are Played

Games are played by groups of two or more people; 3 to 8 are typical. One player is commonly called the Game Master (GM), Dungeon Master (DM) or Referee. The GM explains the imaginary environment in which the game is played; usually by verbal description.

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Role Playing Games - History


Role playing games became popular with the Dungeons & Dragons™ (D&D) fantasy role playing game created and published by Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax of TSR in 1973.

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