Hordes of the Things

The United Union of Dwarves

lordharold2The United Union of Dwarves. A Horde of the Things Adventure written by Richard Bradley.

Learn how Lord Harold brought the clans of the Dwarfs together to face their foes, after years of fighting each other.

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HOTT - Introduction & Links

hottrules2Hordes of the Things is a rule set for fantasy wargamming. It is based on the highly successful historical rule set De Bellis Antiquatatis (DBA).

It adds fantasy type troop classes such as Dragons, Magicians, Heroes, and Clerics etc.

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The Different Troop Types of HOTT

shooters2In Hordes of the Things (HOTT) there are many different troop types. These can be used to simulate any mythological, fantasy or historical army.

This article explains the different troop types that are available within the game and gives some sample units they can be used to represent.

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How A Game of HOTT Works

In Hordes of the Things (HOTT) players alternate turns in a move / counter-move system. In their own turn a player starts by rolling a six-sided dice to determine their Player Initiative Points (PIPs). PIPs determine the number of actions a player may make that turn. These actions are to move elements, cast spells or perform some special actions.

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Magic in HOTT

magician2In Hordes of the Things (HOTT) magic has a subtle influence. It will not win you a battle by itself.

It is another weapon in your arsenal which must be co-ordinated with the rest of your army in order to bring you success.

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