Practise for Games 2004

Practise for Games 2004, which is the open day to the public for Nunawading Wargames Association Inc. (NWA). The practise night was part of a normal club meeting at Mitcham.



4 weeks before our big event for the year (Games 2004), a practise night was held at Mitcham. This was a chance for some club members to practise scenarios and show off the work they had put in so far on their displays. Not all construction or paint jobs were completed but many were well on the way. See the photos below for the practise or click onGAMES 2004to see all the photos from the actual day on 14th August 2004.


Above.Partly painted Men of Minas Tirith await the arrival of the siege towers. This is just one of several Lord of the Rings scenarios able to be played at Games 2004.


Above.The attack arrives. Sauron obviously did not have time to send the siege towers to the paint shop before attacking Minas Tirith.

040716trial06lotr 040716trial05lotr

Above. Also battle against the mighty Mûmakil. See if you can survive the curly tusks that are so useful for sweeping aside the Rohirrim.

Right. Not quite the White City of Gondor yet, but it will be when the painting is complete. Club member Murray Shaw shows just how big the model of Minas Tirith is.

Click on Making Minas Tirith to see how this huge model has been constructed by John Shaw.

Above. Not on show at Games 2004 but the Napoleonic group were out in force. There were many usual games being played as well since it was a normal club meeting.

Above. For Games 2004 the Napoleonic group will be putting on the skirmish at Eureka Stockade which is an important part of Australia's 19th century history.

040716trial23ww2 040716trial19ww2

Above.The Battle of the Bulge is set in the snowy Ardennes forest in World War 2. An epic tree construction project is underway and these photos just show the start of it.


Above.Join in and play on the side of the Germans or the Allies.


Above.The airfield raid by the Long Range Desert Group is set in the North African campaign from World War 2.


Above.Sean and Neil have been practising their scenario for many club meetings this year and it should be another highly polished and fun game to join in.


Above.Beware, these are dangerous to aircraft and also to soft skin vehicles like jeeps.


Above.Based on the Alien films and Space Hulk rules, the space marines have to hunt down and survive the alien hordes. Set in the detailed terrain that Brendan has been showing how to construct at our scenery making days this year.

040716trial34alien 040716trial33alien

Above.Charles has been accurately painting his figures for over a year now to put on the battle of Guildford Courthouse which formed part of the American War of Independence in 1781.


Above.At Games 2004 you can take the side of the Americans . . .


Above.or the British, if you want.


Above.Charles has put a lot of work into the flags. Come to Games 2004 to read some of the more interesting slogans on some of the flags.


Many more games were on display but unfortunately not all got photographed. Click on GAMES 2004 to see 5 pages of photos from the spectacular actual day.