Mitcham Meeting 17-Mar-17

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170317mitchamrp19sSean celebrated St Patrick's Day in style as this busy Mitcham meeting displayed all manner of tabletop strategy games.

A large team of pilots took to the skies in Wings of Glory as a practise for the huge upcoming "Bloody April" anniversary.

Click on the "read more" below to see photos of the various games.


St Patrick's Day at NWA


Wings of Glory (1:144 WW1 Dogfighting)


Striker! (25mm Soccer)

Neil and Ara were working out how to play Striker! They even got to try out the rules for corners, free kicks with a defensive wall and throw-ins.

Manchester United intercepted a Chelsea clearing kick and ran in an easy goal at close range.


American Civil War (25mm ACW)

Some action on the Chattanooga Choo Choo.

Union troops were ripping up the rails. Rebels moved to drive off the Union troops. Mobile gun platform on the train wreaked havoc.

Despite Union disabling of the gun platform, the steady push forward of the Confederate line eventually drove off the Union troops.

Confederate cavalry on the right flank mounted up to pursue, pausing the Union aim of moving on Atlanta!


Frostgrave (28mm Fantasy)


Saga (28mm Dark Age Skirmish)


Empire of the Dead (28mm Skirmish)




Photos by Neil Hughes, Robin Peat, Russell Charles and Stephen White