Croydon Meeting 19-Dec-15

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151219croydoncryhavoc10sThe last meeting of 2015 for NWA was at the Croydon venue. It featured some massive multpiplayer medieval mayhem in the form of the annual "Cry Havoc" event.

Three different games, each using a different rule set, were part of this meeting at Croydon.

Click on the "read more" below to see photos of the various games.


Medieval - Cry Havoc

To finish off the wargaming year at the NWA, "Cry Havoc" as an unofficial event was developed. Initially it stemmed from the medieval arms race of Ian and Mike. The "Lion Rampant" rules helped them along. Back in March or April, someone suggested that as a focal point to their project, a large medieval game should be played, where everything that had been painted would be used in the game. "Hail Caesar" was chosen to be the rule set for this large game.

The "Hail Caesar" game was the main game for "Cry Havoc". It was a 25/28mm game with figures from the medieval period (1000-1500AD).

NWA members were invited to participate in their own version of medieval mirth and merriment and organise games using their preferred set of rules. 

Three different medieval games were played - Hail Caesar, Frostgrave and Kings of War.

A fun way to end the year