NWA at Model Expo 12-Jun-10

100612modelexpo23aNWA displayed at Model Expo. This was held over the Queen's Birthday weekend at Sandown Racecouse in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

NWA put on different games each day. See some of the photos and the different games on display. Just click on the "read more" below.

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NWA Displays

To show off the variety of games played at NWA, we put on different games each day.

On the first day, John with help from Jeremy and Micahel put on Lord of the Rings whilst Brendan and James put on a fun game of Sniper Hunt.

On Sunday, Mike and Neil displayed their game of D-Day at Sword beach.

Monday saw Neil showing off Canvas Eagles, a World War I dogfighting game. In the afternoon John and Robin presented a Napoleonic game.

Public opinion was very favourable, with many asking if they could vote for the NWA displays. Unfortunately this was not possible, but it showed the high standard of the displays presented by NWA members.

The organisers we kind enough to give NWA a prime location, so that visitors could see the displays as they came through the main entrance.

Brendan and John helped with the judging on Saturday night.

Lord of the Rings - Corsair Raid

The Corsairs were raiding the coast in search of loot. Whilst pillaging a small port, they heard rumours of a fabulous idol. Parties of corsairs raced each other inland, braving Khandish warriors, wild animals and the jungle to be the ones to bring the treasure home.

Some photos are below, but see the Lord of the Rings section of the website for more photos of the corsairs.

Other Displays

The main aim of Model Expo is for plastic modellers to show off what they can do. The models on display fill a large number of categories, each of which are judged carefully.