NWA at Little Wars 23-May-10

100507mitcham83On Sunday 23rd May, NWA displayed at Little Wars. This is a get together of many of the wargames clubs and wargamers from Victoria. It was held at club Tivoli, which is at 291 Dandenong Road, Windsor VIC 3181.

NWA put on 4 games: Lord of the Rings, 3-D Space Hulk, War of the Worlds and Super System as well as helping out all over the place. See some of the photos and the many different games being played. Just click on the "read more" below.

Click on any of the photos to see a larger version.

Lord of the Rings - Corsair Raid

The Corsairs were raiding the coast in search of loot. Whilst pillaging a small port, they heard rumours of a fabulous idol. Parties of corsairs raced each other inland, braving Khandish warriors, wild animals and the jungle to be the ones to bring the treasure home.

Some photos are below, but see the Lord of the Rings section of the website for more photos of the corsairs.

3D Space Hulk

Brendan showed off his beautifully painted Space Marines in his game of 3-dimensional Space Hulk. This is a game of Space Marines versus alien Tyranids, fighting in the tight confines of a ruined space ship. The game is played with a timer, so the tension is evident right from the start.

Super System

James ran the Super System rules. These allow comic book super heroes to team up and fight each other for supremacy. The battles at Little Wars had the superheroes fighting atop the skyscrapers. Batman, Robin, the Joker, Iron Man and the Hulk were just some of the famous super heroes seen battling it out.

NWA Helpers

NWA not only put on the above displays, but also helped out in many capacities at Little Wars. Stephen White ran the bring and buy and many NWA members helped out on the door, directing people to the great displays. NWA member Phil was also there, plying his wares as Haynes Games.

Other Displays

Pictures of some of the other displays put on at Little Wars. The Nazi dinosaurs game, Hunt the Mammoths, Roman legionnaires and Charge of the Light Brigade were just some of the many great games at Little Wars.