NWA at Maroondah Festival 17-Feb-08

The City of Maroondah is a council area consisting of several eastern suburbs of the city of Melbourne (Australia). Each year the Maroondah council put on a festival. As part of the festival the council makes space available for clubs and societies from the area to show what they do. The festival for the past few years has been held near the main shopping precinct of the suburb of Croydon, not far from the Croydon venue of NWA.

Maroondah Festival

A hot day again this year in Melbourne (35°C / 95°F) for the Maroondah Festival. The sun brought out the public in large numbers, giving James Wright, Brendan Day and John Shaw a chance to talk about NWA Inc. and wargaming in general. They showed off some of their scenery and models; particularly Necromunda, Lord of the Rings and Warmachine.