NWA at GW Conflict Melbourne 15-Apr-07

Once again NWA was invited by Games Workshop to participate in Conflict Melbourne held at the Box Hill Town Hall on Sunday 15-Apr-07. This event included tournaments for Lord of the Rings, Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy.

Conflict is a set of tournaments run in the capital city of several states of Australia by Games Workshop each year. Conflict Melbourne 2007 was held at the Box Hill Town Hall; an eastern suburb of Melbourne. Have a look below at many of the games on display.

NWA in the Kitchen

NWA was invited to run the canteen and put on several display games as part of Games Workshop helping the gaming community. Thanks to Andrew Long of GW for co-ordinating this.

As ever, many members of the club pitched in to help on the displays and in the kitchen. Thanks particularly to Stephen White (40K display, organising food, organising trailer, table pick up & drop off), John Shaw (LOTR display, table pickup / setup / packup / drop off, trailer towing), Mark Moncrieff (kitchen), Brendan Day & James Wright (Necromunda display, table setup / packup), Shuko (LOTR display, kitchen), Des Croake (kitchen), Mark Chandler (kitchen), Phil Haynes (kitchen), Glenn Harvey (kitchen), Murray Shaw (LOTR display, table pickup / setup / packup / drop off), Stuart White (40K display, table pickup / setup / packup / drop off), Mr & Mrs Leonard (kitchen), Ian Hemmings (kitchen) and all the others that helped.

Isengard NWA Display (Lord of the Rings)

NWA member John Shaw displayed his spectacular Isengard scenery with the help of Murray and Shuko. Shown partly constructed at Conflict last year, visitors this year could see the final result.

The tower of Orthanc included great detail and even had Gandalf trapped on top, while Saruman and Grima watched the parade of Uruk-hai from the balcony.

Many stopped to admire and quite a few joined in one of the many small scenarios being played.

Necromunda NWA Display

NWA members Brendan Day and James Wright put on a great Necromunda display. Using terrain they have been developing and adding to, they introduced many people to the skirmish game of gang warfare set in the Warhammer 40K universe. Come to Games 2007 and see this terrain when it is even bigger and better.

Warhammer 40K NWA Display

NWA members Stephen and Stuart White put on a Warhammer 40K display with figures from their extensive collection. A number of people joined in a short game and stopped to chat about the NWA club.

Lord of the Rings Tournament

Congratulations to NWA member Jeremy Shannon who won Best Painted Army for his Wood Elves (left and above). Also to NWA member Travis Stephenson who achieved 3rd place with his Uruk-hai (right). Ben Shannon (below) also placed well with his spider army.

Warhammer Fantasy Tournament
Warhammer 40K Tournament

The biggest number of tournament participants was for Warhammer 40K. Here are just a few of the armies that were put on display in between games.

Games Workshop Terrain

Games Workshop provided the scenery for the large number of tables used by the tournament players.

They also set up additional tables with interesting scenery. Some are shown here. These tables were able to be used by participants for additional fun games if their own tournament games finished way too early.