NWA at Maroondah Festival 18-Feb-07

The City of Maroondah is a council area consisting of several eastern suburbs of the city of Melbourne (Australia).

Each year the Maroondah council put on a festival. As part of the festival the council makes space available for clubs and societies from the area to show what they do.

Maroondah Festival

The festival for the past few years has been held near the main shopping precinct of the suburb of Croydon, not far from the Croydon venue of NWA.

A hot day in Melbourne (39°C / 102°F) at the Maroondah Festival was a chance to meet and greet the public. Two displays were set up in the tent provided. A game of Warhammer 40K and a historical World War 2 scenario from the Battle of the Bulge were chosen to show that the club caters for fantasy and historical gamers.

Plenty of help was obtained throughout the day from keen club members who eagerly talked about the club to those passing by. The games were demonstrations rather than our usual public participation due to the limited space. This allowed us to concentrate on entertaining the public rather than concentrating on the game.

Warhammer 40K Display

Warhammer 40K. You can see the flow of the battle with the Chaos Space Marines (purple) attacking the Emperor's Space Marines (blue). With two such evenly matched sides, it is no wonder thatcasualties were heavy on both sides and the battle was very even.

World War 2 Display

German troops attack a fortified manor house during the Battle of the Bulge in 1944. They are in need of the fuel stored there if they are to continue their breakthrough. The Allied troops are stubbornly resisting them, to buy time for troops behind the lines to reinforce them..