NWA at GW Conflict Melbourne 2-Apr-06

Once again NWA was invited by Games Workshop to participate in Conflict Melbourne held at the Box Hill Town Hall on Sunday 2-Apr-06.

This event includes a painting competition, public participation games plus tournaments for Lord of the Rings, Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy.

It was a great day, meeting lots of gamers, GW staff and members of other clubs. NWA put on public participation games for Warhammer 40K, Necromunda and Warhammer Fantasy. Centrepiece was a Lord of the Rings scenery display including a sneak preview of the fabulous Isengard and tower of Orthanc scenery which can be played at Games 2006, NWA's public open day to be held at the Croydon venue on 12-Aug-06.

Apologies for the quality of some of the photos - there was a problem with the settings on the camera.

Nunawading Wargames Association

Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship descend the treacherous staircase in Moria

The giant Mumakil attacked by a swarm of ants?

No, it's not ants . . . it's the Rohirrim dwarfed by the mighty Mumakil

The chant of Grond! Grond! Grond! as it trundles toward the main gate of Minas Tirith.

The siege towers attack the walls of Minas Tirith . . .

. . . while the catapult keeps the defender's busy.

Gandalf the White rallies the defenders as the Orcs swarm off the siege tower.

Counter battery fire from a trebuchet.

Magnificent Easterling army put together last year by John Shaw included converted Dark Elf chariots and scratch built cavalry. Games Workshop have only just recently released Easterling cavalry to save you the trouble.

Also on display was just a portion of the work in progress; Isengard scenery and Saruman's tower of Orthanc. Jeremy and Shuko display the battle of Bywater in the background.

How to make Hobbit holes with the spectacular Bywater board constructed by Jeremy and the tower of Orthanc behind.

Saruman casts a spell from the safety of his balcony.

Sharku and Wormtongue lead the Ruffians against the Hobbits at the Battle of Bywater

A burnt out Hobbit hole pillaged by the Ruffians

The Hobbits defend the barricades agains the oncoming Ruffians


Necromunda gangs battle it out over the spectacular industrial terrain

Multi levels adds great interest to the game play

The advantage goes to the team with the high ground

Steve White and the 40K table which was popular as ever once the crowds were allowed through the door

And I thought Salamanders were some sort of lizard . .

Another interesting table being set up by NWA

Right. Congratulations to Jeremy Shannon who got a 3rd place in the painting competition. His friend Shuko won through the first round of the conversion competition with some help from Stuart White. Just shows that if you stand next to Jeremy for long enough, you too can paint brilliantly.

Well done to Iain Payne who came 2nd in the Lord of the Rings tournament and Travis Stevenson who won Best Army in the Lord of the Rings tournament.

Thanks to all those who came and helped at Conflict (Steve White, John Shaw, Jeremy Shannon, Shuko, Brendan Day, James Wright, Adam Carroll, Phil Haynes, Murray Shaw, Stuart White, Jason Parry, Iain McCartney, Alan Nunn, plus others too numerous to mention). It was a great day and we talked to heaps of people about our club.

Extra special thanks to Steve White for co-ordinating and table transport. Thanks to Steve and Stuart White, John and Murray Shaw and Adam Carroll who helped return the trestles and tables back to the club at the end of the day.

Games Workshop Displays

Fantasy Ogre wrestling

Big wrestler with big stick

While the Formula 1 Grand Prix was on at Albert Park . . .

. . . Formula WAAAGH! was on a Box Hill

Gridded up and raring to go

Shoomorka in pole position

The crew awaits for the carnage to begin

The popular Warhammer Ahoy . . .

. . . sea battle was again in evidence . . .

. . . with the magnificent boats built by GW staff last year

Plenty of inspirational scenery . . .

. . . and troops . . .

. . . to whet the appetite . . .

. . . including the lovely Australian river scene . . .

. . . with eucalyptus trees lining the meandering river