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  • NWA Coming Events
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  • Past Events - General

    NWA members often put on displays outside the club. This is helpful in attracting new members and showing off the wargaming hobby to the public.

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  • Past Events - NWA Meetings

    These articles show games and activities held at club meetings. The meetings are held at two locations in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne: Mitcham on alternate Friday nights and Croydon on alternate Saturdays. The articles include lots of photographs.

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  • Past Events - NWA Tournaments

    NWA use some of their club meetings each year to put on tournaments in addition to the usual games which are being played.

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  • Past Events - NWA Open Days

    The biggest event for Nunawading Wargames Association Inc. each year is their annual open day to the public. A great variety of wargames are always on display. Some are typical games that are played at the club each week. Some are special ones which show off the scenery making and painting skills of the members. Many games are public participation, allowing visitors to enjoy many different games.

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